Local Economy Solutions Limited
Specialist skills and resources

Specialist skills and resources include:

» Bespoke employment forecasting

» Economic and social impact modelling

» Expertise in relation to Information Technology developments, including the design of computerised information systems and web based applications.

» Advanced data mapping capability

» The application of web based technology for business, stakeholder and community consultation

» A developed capability in the use of both SNAP and SPSS software for survey analysis and design, including web-based surveys.

» Access to a wide range of existing and secondary data sources, including on-line access to various web based information sources.

» The application of a range of innovative analytical techniques.

» The design and implementation of both quantitative and qualitative surveys including telephone, face to face and on line approaches.

» Experience in workshop facilitation and focus groups.

» Structured relationships with specialist fieldwork companies have also been developed and are utilised where needed in relation to large sale telephone interviews   

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